The 10 Ugliest Cars of the Past Decade November 13 2013

There are some cars out there that are bland and uninspired, and then there are those cars that are ugly enough to make a blind man beg for mercy. Here is our list from the past 10 years.

10. Nissan Cube - Funky, but in a bad way - in the same way a jock strap can smell funky.

9. Subaru Baja - Part sedan, part pickup truck, and all ugly.

8. Nissan Murano Cabriolet. Even the Nissan marketing photographer couldn't find a good angle for this car. It is just a giant lump of poorly executed design. In an attempt to cater to the American market, the Nissan designers took a 370Z roadster and made a morbidly obese version of it. The worst part is that with the top down, the owner has nowhere to hide from the gawking masses.

7. Lexus SC430 - This car is a love it or hate it proposition. We tend to think that the bulbous shape is disproportionate and the factory wheels certainly don't do it any favors either. They look like hub caps from the 80's even if they are not.

6. Acura ZDX - This is the automotive equivalent of Lady Gaga. The body is acceptable, but the face is just too horrendous to look at. Maybe it is the giant chrome grill or the awkward nostrils. Or perhaps it is the excessive size of the front overhang. The entire car looks ugly at first sight, but cover up the front of the car, and the rest of the car doesn't look nearly as bad. 

5. Mini Coupe - We like the way the Mini Cooper looks, but the coupe version just doesn't work. The proportions are just awkward, like a cabriolet wearing a toupee. We reserved judgment until we saw it in real life, but seeing it in the flesh just confirmed what we had seen in photos: U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi.

4. Nissan NV - So maybe we should cut the Nissan NV some slack for being a strictly utilitarian vehicle, but this is one ugly van. There is something oddly porcine about this van, and we're not just talking about how large it is. The snout and the nostrils make us want to cut it up into thin strips and let it realize its full potential as the star of a BLT sandwich.

3. Lincoln MKT - Looking to create an organic, shape modeled after nature, the designers of the MKT looked to the baleen whale for inspiration. Both in size and in countenance, the MKT bears a striking resemblance to the whale. The baleen whale community was outraged at the design that they called "derogatory and offensive to the highest degree" in an open letter to Lincoln.

2. Subaru B9 Tribeca. That snout. Seeking to impart sport car DNA into their crossover platform, the Subaru design team looked to the Mercedes McLaren SLR for the snout, but failed miserably. Like the Acura ZDX, if you cover up the front of the car, it looks borderline acceptable.

1.Honda Crosstour. In a failed attempt to imitate the iconic shape of the Porsche 911, Honda ended up with a fatter, taller, uglier  Panamera with a ridiculous rear. In an attempt to harness the popularity of celebrity, the Honda design team cited Oprah Winfrey as the inspiration for the rear overhang.