Red Eye Garage Custom Billiard Ball Shift Knob December 01 2013

Billiard ball shift knobs are nothing new, but for BMWs, we haven't been able to find any. This may be due to the fact that the selector rod is not threaded design, and creating a shift knob involves more than just drilling a hole and tapping the hole. We custom machined an aluminum fitting to fit over the selector rod and set it inside a billiard ball...

Project BMW E30 318iS - Custom Racing Seat Mounts October 11 2013

It is a little known fact that the diminutive BMW E30 318iS can be configured to have seating for 7. I was driving away from a Craigslist purchase with two racing seats riding along in the back seat. They were Italian OMP "Record" seats that were expired per FIA regulation and were no longer of any use to the owner. They had a couple of tears in a few places, but were in otherwise great condition. The seller included the accompanying mounting brackets to sweeten the deal. The seats bounced around the back of the car as I drove back home. With the windows open and the 16 valve 4 cylinder at full song, I couldn't help but be in a good mood. Our project car was going to take one step closer to being a track car.