Austin Cars and Coffee - August 2017 August 29 2017

I chased a DeTomaso Pantera through some curvy Hill Country roads, his American V8 roaring as my German inline six gave pursuit. In the morning hours, the typical Texas summer heat had yet to awaken, and our cars were loving the cool 95 degree air. We were both headed to Cars and Coffee Austin, where we would meet hundreds of other enthusiasts. Here are some highlights.

This first-generation NA miata looked unassuming until the owner opened the hood.

Crammed under the hood of the Miata is a 5.0L Ford V-8. The fitment is very tight, and I was impressed that it fit in such a small engine bay.

There were quite a few supercars in attendance. I was partial to this purple Porsche GT3 RS. I've always loved the shape of the 911's and the sound of their flat-six.

Check out the fender vents. These are functional and vent the high-pressure zone that typically forms in the upper rear section of the wheel well.

The lone Porsche supercar was outnumbered by the Ferraris. I'm not complaining though. I've always had a thing for the 360 Modena ever since I first saw one in a magazine. The F430, 458 and 488 look increasingly more aggressive, but they look a bit vulgar next to the subtle, yet beautiful curves of the 360.

But I spent more time photographing this E30 M3. What a good-looking car. The fender flares look even more pronounced in person, and I love how the rocker panels flare out to meet the fender flares. Those BBS wheels are timeless too. You could put them on almost any performance car, classic or modern, and they would look great.

This Factory Five Daytona Coupe is a kit car that can be built in your own garage. This one looked awesome with its color choice and race livery. I also appreciated the built-not-bought nature of this build.

The parking lot filled up completely, and the upper-level of the parking garage started to fill. I liked this Miata with it's aggressive track width and aero. 

It was a great meet with a lot of different types of cars in attendance, and I even made a few E36 M3 buddies. I'm sure I'll be back again. Stay tuned for future coverage of Austin Cars and Coffee.

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