Dallas Cars and Coffee - May 2014 (part 1/2) May 04 2014

The warm morning air was pierced with the sounds of muscle cars and supercars screaming down Spring Creek Parkway. Performance cars of all types were rolling into the monthly Dallas Cars and Coffee meet. Here were some of our favorites.

1972 Ford Mustang.

This '72 Mustang was in excellent condition and still looks great half a century later.

1972 Ford Mustang.

You can see the design cues that have be carried on to the latest Mustang. The taillights, grille, dual pipes, center mustang badges.

McLaren 650S.

This 2015 McLaren 650S was built to fill the price gap between the MP4-12C and the P1. It has a 3.8L twin-turbocharged engine making 641 horsepower, which is good for propelling the car down the road from  0-60 in under 3 seconds. This is the first time we have seen this car, and it drew a large crowd.

McLaren 650S

The owner was nice enough... or ostentatious enough to rev the engine for everyone to hear. We didn't care why. We were just glad that we were able to hear it roar.

1954 Ford Customline.

We love Cars and Coffee for the sheer variety of machinery that shows up. While the Mclaren is a technological tour de force, this '54 Ford Customline was equally appealing for its character. It's almost as if the owner and his ride were plucked from some sort of movie set. This certainly isn't a performance car, but is cool nonetheless. It leaves us wondering what non-performance cars from our era will be celebrated 60 years later? Hyundai Equus'? Jeep Cherokee Trailhawks? We'd love to hear what you think in the comments.

Ford Customline.

It's all in the details. How cool would it be to roll into the local Sonic Drive-in in this car? Trick question, we don't eat in our cars.

Porsche 914.

This Porsche 914 2.0 was looking aggressive on lightweight Minilites, sport suspension and a lowered front air dam. The 914 was seen as the runt of the Porsche lineup when it was introduced, but we're pleased to see an increased appreciation of these machines today.

Porsche 914. Interior.

A large contingency of the 914 herd is driven by the racing community. The lightweight unibody chassis is a great platform for grassroots racing.

Porsche 911.

You can't compete with the classic 911 for a timeless club racing machine.

Porsche 911.

Chris Harris from Drive seems to like it quite a bit. We would have stopped him to chat him up and perhaps get an autograph, but we didn't because that isn't really Chris Harris.

Porsche 911 engine bay.

The flat-six engine architecture allows the engine to be mounted really, really low. There is something cool about the old-school, mechanical look and feel of classic car engine bays. Everything is packed tightly and covered in plastic shrouding nowadays.

VW beetle.

You can just see the DNA being carried over. Porsche enthusiasts, we're only kidding, and we love Porsches too. Don't believe us? Our logo tee features a 930 911 on the back.

Tube frame chassis.

When we saw this ride, our jaws dropped. This tube-frame chassis looks like it can fly. We have no idea what this thing is, but it looks like the preferred choice of a hoonigan. Judging from the state inspection sticker on the window, it appears that this thing is street legal.

LS engine.

It is powered by an LS series engine. I'm guessing it has Ariel Atom levels of acceleration.

Tube frame chassis interior.

There is not much to the interior of the car.

Tube frame chassis.

The badge on the rear of the car is our only clue into what this thing is. Does anyone have any information on what this is?

BMW E30 M3.

The legend. The original BMW E30 M3.

BMW E30 M3.

The S14 engine is a four-cylinder engine varying in dispacement from 2.3L to 2.5L, depending on production date.

BMW E90 M3s.

Good cop, bad cop. Ying and yang. Good and evil. These two E92 M3's made for a cool pair.


This X5 just looks like a standard X5.

BMW X5 engine bay.

But under the hood is a nitrous system and all sorts of Dinan go-fast bits.


This show/drag 'Vette was a standout at the meet.

Corvette supercharger.

Look at the size of that blower!

Corvette steering wheel.

The car was beautifully done inside and out, and got a lot of attention.


The width of the tires were probably as wide 3 of the E30s put together and the lips on the rear wheels were ridiculous. The C2 is such a beautiful machine and I love how the cockpit of the car tapers back onto the rear deck into a single point. I don't know the aerodynamic specs on this car, but I would guess that they are pretty good... until you put a giant supercharger on the front that sticks 4 feet into the air.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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