Red Eye Garage Visits Winding Road Racing October 08 2014

Tucked away in a business plaza in Austin is a gem of a shop for racers and automotive enthusiasts. Winding Road Racing specializes in automotive racing equipment and offers a wealth of expertise in choosing what products are right for you. Looking for a HANS device? Did you know there is an alternative brand that many people find more comfortable? Looking for a helmet? Did you know that some brands have different helmets for different head shapes? Neither did we until we talked to the pros at Winding Road Racing.

Winding Road Racing signage.

Prior to talking to some of the Winding Road Racing sales representatives, we didn't know what we didn't know. The sales staff are extremely knowledgeable and were able to recommend products that we didn't even know existed.

Inside the store. Helmet rack on the back wall.

For the serious racer, they carry everything from plastic fuel jugs to harnesses. For the automotive enthusiast, they carry everything from apparel to action cameras.

Many shoes to choose from.

They carry a whole wall of shoes and helmets. One of the great things about local retailers like Winding Road Racing is that you can try on shoes and helmets before buying them. You can shop online, but nothing beats being able to see and feel the actual product, which is why we like supporting local race shops like this. Some helmets come in different widths and shapes, and it is very difficult to find the right helmet fitment without actually trying some on.

Carbon helmet.

This carbon fiber Black Armor helmet is from a local manufacturer in Kyle, Texas. It offers all the benefits of carbon fiber at an attainable price.

Racing seats.

Seats are another item that are good to try out before you buy. Winding Road Racing carries seats so you can get one that fits right instead of using trial and error. If you are in the Central Texas area, Winding Road Racing is well worth a visit. You can find them tucked away in a business plaza at 8868 Research Blvd., Ste 108, Austin, TX 78758. They also have an excellent weekly newsletter that has outstanding tech articles. You can check out their website here

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Model wearing Give Me Manual tee in black.

Apparel for the serious gear head