Dallas Cars and Coffee - May 2014 (part 2/2) May 09 2014

Continued from part 1/2.

The FRS platform has become very popular and out of a long line of FRS and BRZ's parked in a row, we snapped this trio in red white and blue. 'Murica! ...or Texas...France... Chile... Russia...United Kingdom... Australia...North Korea... Puerto Rico...

I saw a large cloud of smoke wafting through the parking lot, and my first thought was car fire. My second thought was electric car burnout. I tracked down the source and luckily no cars were on fire. It was just a group of guys all smoking their e-cigs together. That girl passing by was not impressed.

The RX-7 was very clean, and I liked the tasteful aero that had been added to the car. The FD is such a good looking car and possibly the best looking production car that Mazda has ever made. It still looks great 2 decades later.

The aero treatment continued to the rear with a big fat diffuser underneath. 

Next door to the first one was another FD and it had a change of heart.

Despite being larger than the factory rotary unit, the LSX, seems like it has plenty of space in the engine bay. I'm sure this build has dead rotary heads spinning in their graves, but I like the idea of a reliable FD with a beefy torque curve.

This Chevy Impala looks even longer in person. It is probably about as long as a modern 15-passenger utility van.

This '50's Mercury coupe has the personality of a mobster in a three-piece suit.

It is menacing and yet classy at the same time.

This is a '68 Yenko Camaro replica.

This guy was having a high school flashback. It's no wonder why these muscle cars are skyrocketing in value. 

Surprisingly, the guy in the photo was not the owner of the car. He could have told me he was, and I would have believed him.

There is something cool about the simplicity in the interiors of old-school cars.

I have no idea what this is, but it looked pretty interesting. The hood looks long enough to house a ridiculous engine but that exhaust tip is pretty minuscule. Maybe it's a V12 run by hamsters?

If you know what this is, please leave a comment below.

I was astounded by the size of this car. The Austin Healey Sprite is absolutely tiny, even compared to an original Mini Cooper or Mazda Miata. 

These Jurassic Park Jeeps were just plain cool.

The even cooler part was that there were a pair of these. 

It brought to mind this beautiful piece of music.

This rat rod was very well executed. The attention to detail was excellent, and there were all kinds of nice touches.

The patina'ed look was spot on.

How cool is the license plate door panel?

Look at the license plate integrated into the bottom left corner of the cab.

This BMW 1600 was spectacularly pristine.

The modern E46 M3 reflection in the window of the 1600 shows the lineage of these cars.

The BMW Z8 is a great looking car thanks to Mr. Henrik Fisker, but the lesser known fact, is that it was Chris Bangle that led the design team. Modeled after the BMW 507, it has classic roadster proportions with a long hood and a short rear deck. I've never driven one, but the reviews I read said that it is more of a boulevard cruiser than an all-out performance car. I don't care. It looks cool, and I'm sure it still offers plenty of fun.

This Porsche 356 replica was looking downright menacing.

I've seen a couple speedster replicas but this one was a first.

Does anyone know the model and make of this machine? I'm a little too young to have seen this.

This Mercedes McLaren SLR was parked in the service area of the BMW dealership. I was always of the opinion that the nose was too long and the proportions a bit awkward because of that. It was cool nonetheless to see a car as rare as this in the wild. 

The back of the car looks pretty good.

The gills are certainly aggressive, but seem to look a little out of place on a car that looks demure everywhere else. For some reason, maybe because it's got such a long snout, or maybe because this one was all black, but the SLR reminds me of the George Clooney Batman, you know, the one with the suit that had nipples.

And on that note, we hope you enjoyed our coverage of Cars & Coffee. Chime in on the comments section if there's any particular make or model that you'd like us to keep an eye out for next time.

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