Product Spotlight: Coaster Set September 03 2015, 0 Comments

Upgrade your man cave, garage, or living room with this Red Eye Garage coaster set. Proudly made right here in the United States, we give you an inside look at how these are made.

We experimented with several types of wood before selecting Baltic Birch plywood, known for it's high quality, containing no internal voids and few imperfections. Compared to solid wood, plywood is more dimensionally stable, resulting in less warpage over time. This is particularly important because in use, the top will swell with moisture, while the bottom will remain dry - typical conditions that lead to warpage.


We developed this particular wheel design in CAD, ensuring precision and geometric accuracy of the design. From this starting point, we more fully developed the design in Adobe Illustrator, adding shading and text.

Then it is off to the laser cutter which both etches and then cuts out the coaster. While etching, the laser vaporizes a thin layer off the plywood, recessing the etched areas and adding a layer of depth to the design. Once laser etched and laser cut, the pieces are individually inspected by hand and sanded as necessary.

The coaster set holder is assembled with finger joints, and wood glue provides a stronger-than-wood, water-resistant bond. Finger joints allow for a secure bond and increase the surface area in which the glue can bind the pieces together. After drying, the holder is sanded and inspected one last time. Any knots or cracks in the wood, or any gaps in the joints are cause for rejection. We take the time to do things right. If you want us to build you a set, click the link to our store here.

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