Guide to Burning Money, Gas and Rubber in Las Vegas December 30 2013

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On a Saturday night in a dimly lit Las Vegas casino, a man in his early 20's wearing sunglasses and high on drugs walks up to the roulette table. Plopping down a crumpled $20 bill, he receives some chips in exchange.

High as a kite, sunglasses man couldn't even figure out what his favorite number was, but after some help from his table mates, he finally picked 35 and the marble began to orbit the roulette wheel. The marble landed on the number 4, and the dealer scooped up all of sunglasses man's chips. Indignant, sunglasses man put another $20 on the table, which he quickly lost on the next spin. He repeated this many times, pulling out a new $20 bill each time. After emptying his wallet, he finally left the table.

In a matter of 15 minutes, sunglasses man had lost about $200. Throwing money down a gambling money pit might be rationalized as an entertainment cost, but before you get high and go gambling, might I suggest a few other highly entertaining ways to burn money in Vegas?