BMW E30 318 Cold Air Intake (M42 engine)


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We won't make any outlandish claims to adding double-digit horsepower numbers, but our cold air intake kit will improve throttle response, unleash more induction noise and look good while doing it. Our cold air intake has a conical AFe filter to minimize intake restriction, ducting that provides a smooth transition into the AFM and a light-weight aluminum air box to keep cold air fed to the engine. Custom fasteners enable a bolt-up installation with no drilling.

We've seen kits with AFM adapters where the circular cross section suddenly changes to a square cross section, which creates inlet losses. We've also seen kits without air boxes that do not separate the intake from the hot under-hood heat, essentially creating a hot air intake and decreasing performance. It's no wonder that these cold air intakes get a bad reputation among the E30 community. Our kit increases filter surface area by 56% and is designed to address all these issues.

Another benefit is that the filter element can be washed with an AFe filter cleaning kit (sold elsewhere). Instead of waiting for your filter to get dirty enough to justify replacement, you can restore flow to new at any time.

Properly engineered and manufactured by Red Eye Garage, with TIG welded construction, stainless metric fasteners and CNC cut flanges. Satin black powder coat provides a durable finish that matches the engine bay. Gaskets included.

Ships via USPS ground.