BMW E30 Heat Shield Without Intake Hole


Custom fabrication required. This item does not include the air filter element, intake adapter, or gaskets. This heat shield is the same heat shield from our complete E30 318iS (M42 engine) cold air intake kit but with without the intake hole pattern cut in it. This part is designed to be used with custom intakes, possibly from an engine swap, modified intake manifold, or modified air metering setup. Cut your own hole in the heat shield where you need it. Rubber stripping is provided to place on the inside of the hole you cut in order to protect the intake passing through and to provide a neat appearance.

The heat shield geometry retains a clear view of the stock M42 coolant expansion tank, so the level is easy to read. Larger radiators or expansion tanks may require modification to the heat shield.

We use 0.040 inch thick aluminum in our heat shield for light weight, but utilize part geometry to maintain strength. Borrowing from our engineering experience in aerospace, solid mil-spec aircraft rivets hold everything together. A rubber bulb seal helps to seal out hot engine compartment air.

Engineered and handcrafted in Austin, Texas.