BMW E30 Throttle Pedal Bushing Set


If you've seen little chunks of rubber lying in your footwell, these could be pieces of your throttle pedal bushings disintegrating. When the bushings crumble, it creates slack in the pedal movement, resulting in poor throttle response and failure of the throttle valve to fully open when the pedal is pinned to the floor.

We looked for replacement aftermarket bushings, but we couldn't find any with proper retention, so we created our own. Having our engineering roots in the aerospace industry, foreign object debris is always on our minds because loose parts can cause damage, create malfunctions, and pose safety hazards. Having a method of captivating the parts is important to us, so we created these bushings with retention clips.

Our bushings are machined from Delrin (aka acetal or polyoxymethylene). The low coefficient of friction and excellent wear properties of this material make our bushings more durable than the stock rubber bushings. Delrin also has negligible deflection under load, compared to rubber.

Due to this design, disassembly of the pedal assembly is not required for installation. The parts simply slide into place and the clips secure them in place.

This part replaces BMW part number 35411119016, which is applicable for all E30s. Sold as a set of 2, which is enough to replace the bushings for one vehicle.