BMW E36 S50/S52/M50/M52 Valve Spring Compressor Tool


We were rebuilding our S52 cylinder head and couldn't find a good valve spring compressor tool that we knew would fit this engine, so we designed our own. This valve spring compressor tool built specifically for S50/S52/M50/M52 engines will allow you to compress your valve springs in order to disassemble the valvetrain.

Our tool compresses two valve springs at a time for a more efficient workflow than a single valve spring compressor. Our tool also allows for more generous access to the valve stem keepers compared to every valve spring compressor that we have seen. In addition, once our tool is tightened down, both of your hands are free to do the delicate work of removing or installing the valve stem keepers.

See our full article on how to use this tool: How to remove valve springs.

This tool is machined from billet aluminum and has a raw aluminum finish. It is designed and manufactured in Austin, Texas.