Stackable Steering Wheel Spacer Pair


Not sure exactly how thick of a spacer you need for your aftermarket steering wheel? You can burn a lot of money experimenting. Our stackable design allows you to add more spacers as necessary until you have the right placement. Each pair stacks to 0.75 inches.

Sitting in the driver's seat with your shoulders touching the seat, you should be able to grab the top of the steering wheel with either hand and at a minimum have a slight bend in the elbow. Some may prefer more bend in the elbow to have more leverage on the wheel. For example, rally drivers typically prefer to have the wheel closer to their chest because of the required speed and frequency of steering inputs in their discipline.

Spacers are designed to be installed in pairs and are sold in pairs. Made from lightweight 6061 aluminum with a machined finish. Comes with stainless steel metric fasteners and hex key.

We have seen thick steering wheel spacers with long fasteners going all the way through. This is not acceptable because fastener bending can lead to fatigue failure of the fastener. This is the same reason why most wheel spacer manufacturers will not simply put a long lug bolt through the wheel spacer if the spacer has exceeded a certain thickness.

The large internal diameter makes our spacers compatible with most horn buttons.

Compatible with OMP, Sparco, Momo and other steering wheels that use a 2.75 inch diameter 6-hole pattern.