Project E36 M3 - Dunlop Direzza ZII's August 31 2013

Our E36 M3 got a flat tire, and the tire ended up getting shredded by the time I could pull over. I looked over my options at and ended up choosing the Dunlop Direzza ZII because of the high levels of grip in the dry and wet. Since the car doesn't rack up a whole lot of miles each year, the tires usually expire from vulcanization before they expire from wear, so wear wasn't a large concern. 

I had the tires shipped to Texas Track Works in Fort Worth Texas, and made the drive across town to check out their shop. I was greeted by a fleet of fellow E36's.

Texas Track Works parking lot.

Inside, the shop are three lifts. A Benz was being fitted for some new wheels and a fender rolling.


Inside of garage at Texas Track Works.

Texas Track Works uses Hunter machines and only rubberized parts touch the wheel. Off with the old.

New tire being installed.

On with the new.

Dunlop Direzza ZII.

Then the tire and wheel assembly was balanced.

Wheel balancing at Texas Track Works.

All the guys that work in the shop are certified track junkies. I talked to them for a bit about their track machines. As I was leaving, I captured a few photos of their machines.

Purple NA Miata.
White E36 M3 track car.

We've made a few friends and have some new tires for our E36 M3. All in all, a successful day.