Home and Gardening Tips With Red Eye Garage #1 August 26 2013, 0 Comments

So I had some tires laying around the house that were far too hard, but I wasn't ready to let them go to waste. I love the look of these Yokos so I thought I'd make a simple DIY hamper! Here's what you'll need:

Two tires. I chose Yokohama AVS ES100's in 245/40 R17.

A cylindrical hamper. The outer diameter of the hamper will need to be similar to the inside diameter of the tires. I found this one from my Swedish friends at IKEA at and it worked perfectly! 

You will also need a bunch of Red Eye Garage shirts to fill the hamper with.

Fit the hamper inside the tires, and you're done! I love the way it makes my clothes smell. However, we are not responsible if gear heads start sniffing you.

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