Dallas Cars and Coffee - January 2014 (part 1/2) January 07 2014

The BMW inline 6 gulped down the cold, morning air, as it propelled me down the dark, empty tollway. It was the coldest Cars and Coffee I had been to, but the engine was loving it. Arriving at Cars and Coffee, the turnout was meager at first, but as the sun bled across the horizon, the parking lot started to fill up with cars from every genre. Here are our favorite photos from the meet.

This Tesla Model S looked mean in the pre-dawn hours.


Porsche 911's made a solid showing as usual. The orange 911 in the background wasn't fully restored, but instead had a nice patina, and tons of character.

This Porsche 356 was fully restored and was in immaculate condition.

This car just exudes charm. It is hard to imagine that 60 years later, it would stand as an ancestor to the anti-social, cage-fighting, flame-spitting Porsche 911 GT3s and 911 Turbos. Yet despite the more aggressive aesthetic of modern 911's you can still very easily see the DNA passed down from the 356.

The interior is equally inviting. Classy, yet purposeful and unpretentious.

Our BMW E46 M3 in Interlagos blue posed next to a fellow M3. Our M3 is fitted with the factory competition package which includes the same wheels as the M3 CSL, upgraded brakes, stiffer springs, alcantara steering wheel, and aluminum interior trim. At the time of release, Interlagos Blue was only offered on M3's equipped with the competition package.

Chevy Nova SS

Chevy Camaro and Nova SS's

The exotics showed up in regular fashion, even with the freezing weather.

The Lamborghini Gallardo is one of the best platforms for street racers. Twin turbo Gallardos can produce upwards of 1600 hp.

Detomaso Pantera. The owner spent 7 years restoring the car. Instead of going for a 100% original restoration, he opted to change some details and make it his own. Some of the factory chrome has been blacked out.

The body was penned by an American, but was built in Italy and was powered by a Ford V8.

Acuras from North Texas NSX Prime made a strong showing. The price of NSX's is going up, so if you've ever wanted one, they are not getting any cheaper.

Honda S2000's also had a strong presence at the meet. This platform is still one of the best handling cars on the road today. Though the 240 hp inline 4 doesn't put up huge horsepower numbers by today's standards, the 9,000 rpm redline (reduced to 8,200 rpm on later models) will make you giggle like a school girl all the way home.

From just the right angle, S2000 fenders have a gorgeous curve to them.

Volvos have a cult following, and there were a handful of Volvos that turned out.

 This black Volvo was very cleanly executed. 

The width of these drag slicks on this Chevelle SS was ridiculous. What was even more ridiculous was that the owner kept a full size spare in the trunk.


Okay, so we were kidding about the full size spare in the back. Stay tuned for part 2 of our Dallas Cars and Coffee coverage. To be continued...


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