Scion Wrapped by Already Been Chewed January 12 2014

Music flowed out of the door and onto the streets where customized skateboards hung on display. The smell of Tacos wafted over the street from an idling food truck. In the middle of it all was a wrapped Scion. I was outside Already Been Chewed, an advertising and graphic design outfit that does work for big name clients like Nike and Malibu Boats. They designed a custom wrap for a Scion dealership in McKinney, Texas, and they were displaying it at their show.

This is a great example of the possibilities that vinyl wraps can open up.

 In the background are custom painted skateboard decks for sale, with the proceeds going to charity. The quaint, downtown strip was transformed into an urban back alley.

The lines are nice and crisp, and there is a lot of detail going on. I'd wager that for a design like this, wrapping would produce a better design than painting. 

The future plans for this car are to drop it to give it a better stance. If you like this design, you can check out some of Already Been Chewed's works here.

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